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Playskool Friends My Little Pony Press 'n Whirl Ferris Wheel

Item: C1259


Whee! Round and round the ponies go – where they stop, who knows! Little ones can bring Pinkie Pie and Applejack on a whirlin', twirlin' ride again and again with the toddler-friendly Playskool Friends My Little Pony Press 'n Whirl Ferris wheel playset. Just place a pony on the ride and press the button on the ticket booth to start the spin-around fun, which can also help promote kids' understanding of cause and effect. The adorable pony figures were sized right for little hands to put-and-take all around the playset, which can help encourage their fine motor skills. The fun amusement park ride theme can also inspire little ones to begin imagining their own stories. If you have more Playskool Friends My Little Pony figures at home, this set fits up to 7 ponies for even more adventures! Other ponies sold separately.

• Includes Ferris wheel playset, Pinkie Pie figure, and Applejack figure.

• Toddler-friendly Playskool Friends Ferris wheel playset for My Little Pony fun
• Includes Pinkie Pie and Applejack figures designed for little hands
• Pressing the button to spin the wheel can help promote cause and effect
• Put-and-take fun can help encourage fine motor skills
• Fits 7 Playskool Friends My Little Pony figures (other ponies sold separately)

• Ages Over 18 months to 36 months

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