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Everfree Forest

On the outskirts of Ponyville lies the mysterious Everfree Forest, a wooded area filled with bizarre creatures, such as ursas, manticores, and timberwolves.



Name: zecora

Description: Zecora the zebra lives in her hut in the Everfree Forest. She concocts potions and magic spells with plants to help other ponies and the animals of the forest. She projects an aura of mystery by speaking in rhymes but she is also very friendly.

Name: manny roar, The manticore

Description: The manticore is a strange combination of a lion, a scorpion and a dragon. His fierce roar scared away everypony but Fluttershy realized that he had a big splinter in his paw. Once the splinter was removed, Manny Roar became very friendly.

Name: timberwolves

Description: When trotting through the Everfree Forest, look out for Timberwolves. They will chase you when they are hungry! Catch a whiff of their foul scent before they see you and you may avoid them. Their howl is a sign that the zap apple harvest is beginning!

Name: steve magnet the sea serpent

Description: He has a serpentine body, with fish fins instead of ears, purple scales, orange hair, eyebrows and a moustache.

Name: Shadowcolts

Description: The shadowcolts trio are a transformation of nightmare moon. according to her, they are the Greatest aerial team in the Everfree Forest.


Zap Apple Harvest

Zap Apples are magical apples that grow in the Everfree Forest and the Apple Family orchard. Granny Smith picked the apples from the trees in the Everfree Forest and planted their seeds in the Apple Family orchard.

Mirror Pool

The Mirror Pool is a magical pond that can create a duplicate of a Pony when a special rhyme is recited. Pinkie Pie used the Mirror Pool and her clones caused mayhem. Luckily, they were returned to the Pool and everything went back to normal.

Ponies' Reviews


The Everfree Forest is home to many magical plants and creatures, but I fear them not as I too have different features.


The Everfree Forest is dark and scary, but I'm not afraid of the animals, just the other scary things that lurk in the forest.