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Region name: Manehattan

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Region name: Ponyville

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Region name: Cloudsdale

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Cloudsdale is a city in the sky where the Best Young Flyer competition takes place and where Equestria's weather is made. Only Pegasi live and work there, since non-Pegasus ponies cannot stand on clouds.
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Name: The Wonderbolts>

Description: The Wonderbolts are a squad of elite pegasus ponies trained in aerial acrobatics. They perform shows all over Equestria and they even competed in the Equestria Games. The Wonderbolts are trained and led by Spitfire, their captain.

Name: Bulk Biceps

Description: A male Pegasus Pony with a much larger, more muscular build than most other Ponies. He has considerably smaller wings than the other Pegasi, although his wings can function as well as any other. He, along with Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash, represents Ponyville and competes to qualify for the Equestria Games.>


Best Young Flyer competition

Every year, the pegasi of Cloudsdale get together for the Best Young Flyer competition. They compete in front of judges to show off their speed and acrobatic abilities. Each competition features many promising pegasi and is sure to dazzle the spectators in the Cloudeseum.

Summer Flight Camp

Each summer, the pegasus fillies of Cloudsdale go to Summer Flight Camp. They play flying games and have fun with their friends. Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy first met at Summer Flight Camp a few years ago.

Derby Races

The Canterlot Derby is the gathering place of the elite of Equestria. The spectators watch the Wonderbolts race around a cloud circuit. Their skillful maneuvers and blazing speed are sure to leave you in awe.


Rainbow Dash

I had so much fun showing my friends around Cloudsdale. Twilight was able to do a spell so my friends could walk on clouds, which was super awesome since Fluttershy and I were able to show them around Cloudsdale...THE GREATEST CITY IN THE SKY!

Pinkie Pie

We went to the Cloudsdale Cloudeseum to cheer on Rainbow Dash for the Best Young Flyer Competition! We chanted, we yelled, we waved signs and we made a wave! Even Fluttershy was yelling with us. We cheered so hard that we helped Rainbow Dash win her competition!