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Region name: Manehattan

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Region name: Ponyville

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Region name: Everfree Forest

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Region name: Crystal Empire

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Region name: Cloudsdale

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Region name: Canterlot

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Rainbow Dash

Element of Harmony


Rainbow Dash is always ready for an adventure with her MY LITTLE PONY friends. Rain or shine, she is a loyal dependable friend who will never let you down!

What her Cutie Mark means:

Passion for speed and winning

Element of Harmony:


Pet's Name:


She Likes:

Pranking her friends

She Dislikes:

Spicy hot chili peppers

Favorite Snack:

Cotton candy


Scootaloo is her mentee and is like a little sister to her


Being part of the Wonderbolts

Her Advice:

Always be loyal to your friends, no matter what!

Canterlot High School

Rainbow Dash

What she stands for:



Electric Guitar

Favorite Class:


Did You Know?

She’s loyal to her bandmates, The Rainbooms.

Rainbow Dash

What she stands for


Look through Rainbow Dash's cell phone!