Just down the mountainside from Canterlot is Ponyville, a small town founded by Earth Ponies and filled with hard-working, energetic ponies of all kinds. Ponyville is also home to Twilight Sparkle and her bright-eyed friends.
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ponies who live in ponyville

ponies who live in ponyville

Name: Spike

Description: Spike the dragon is Princess Twilight Sparkle's number one assistant. He is most often found at Golden Oak Library or hanging out at Carousel Boutique. When he is not helping Twilight Sparkle with her duties, he likes to have a good time with his friends.

Name: Mayor Mare

Description: As the mayor of Ponyville, Mayor Mare is always prepared to do whatever it takes to help other ponies.

Name: The Cake Family

Description: The Cake Family are the proud owners of Sugar Cube Corner, Ponyville's most famous bakery.

Name: The Apple Family

Description: The Apple Family is a large family of Earth Pony farmers. They own apple orchards all over Equestria. They are the original founders of Ponyville.

Name: The Cutie Mark Crusaders

Description: A club consisting of Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle, Their unity is based on mostly being called "blank flanks", ponies who have not yet gotten their cutie marks.

Activities & Events

Summer Sun Celebration

Ponies watch the Princess raise the sun and celebrate the longest day of the year. The 1000th celebartion was held in Ponyville.

Winter Wrap Up

Winter Wrap Up happens on the last day of Winter. It is an annual event in Ponyville that involves clearing winter and bringing in spring.

Nightmare Night Festival

A celebration that revolves around the legends of Nightmare Moon and how she requires an offering of candy.

Hearts and Hooves Day

Each year Ponies all over Equestria celebrate Hearts and Hooves day with their special someponies.

Sisterhooves Social

A yearly event where sister ponies unite to compete in various activities.

Day Spa

The Spa is run by the Spa Ponies and it is located on the perimeter of the town square next to the joke shop.

Ponies' Reviews

Princess Cadance

Our too-short stay in Ponyville was delightful. We visited Rarity's Carousel Boutique and saw some fabulous new designs. I found my dress for the next Grand Galloping Gala. Then we went to see Pinkie Pie at Sugar Cube Corner. All the sweets looked so yummy, I could not resist.

Granny Smith

When I was a little fillie there was no Ponyville. It wasn't until one day when me and my family went to Canterlot and Princess Celestia stopped to look at my pa's seed collection that she knew exactly the place for us to lay down our seeds, which was a land near the Everfree Forest. We learned about the Zap apples and began making Zap apple jam which brought ponies from far and wide, some of which decided to stay. Before we knew it, we had ourselves a nice little town filled with all sorts of ponies.

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