Manehattan, a metropolitan city, is the hometown of Apple Bloom's cousin Babs Seed, Applejack's Aunt and Uncle Orange and Miss Pommel.
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ponies who live in manehattan

ponies who live in manehattan

Name: Babs Seed

Description: Babs Seed is Apple Bloom's cousin from Manehattan. She used to be a member of the Cutie Mark Crusaders until she got her own cutie mark: a pair of scissors with apple-shaped handles. She has since become a mane and tail stylist in the big city.

Name: Mr. and Mrs. Orange

Description: Mr. and Mrs. Orange are members of Manehattan's high society and Applejack's uncle and aunt. They welcomed a young Applejack during her time in the city and introduced her to the social elite. This ultimately led to Applejack getting her cutie mark when she returned home to Ponyville.

Name: Miss Pommel

Description: Rarity met Miss Pommel during Fashion Week. She used to be Suri Polomare's assistant until she got fed up with her boss' deceitful ways. She is now making herself known as a costume designer for Bridleway shows.

Activities & Events

Hinny of the Hills

Hottest Musical on Bridleway. The show has been sold out for months.

Fashion week

Every year, Equestria's fashion designers meet in Manehattan to show off their new designs. At the end of the week, the best designer receives the Designer of the Year prize.

Mare Statue

One of many historical landmarks in Manehattan

Midsummer Theatre Revival

A traditional Manehattan outdoor stage show where a community-driven play is created by Bridleway costume designer Charity Kindheart.

Ponies' Reviews

Princess Cadance

Shining Armor and I took a trip to Manehattan. While there we rode the Maneway, visited the Mare Statue and saw ponies from all over Equestria.


My recent trips to Manehattan were pretty eventful. First I came to the city with my friends to attend fashion week and cheer for Rarity. Before leaving, we were lucky enough to catch a special showing of Hinny of the Hills and it was fantastic! I also returned with Rarity to help Miss Pommel with the Midsummer Theater Revival.


I too have been to Manehattan more than once. First I competed in Fashion week, where I took home the first place trophy. My friends and I stayed at the Manefair Hotel and were lucky enough to watched a private screening of Hinny of the Hills on Bridleway. I recently returned to this fabulous city with Applejack to help Miss Pommel with the Midsummer Theater Revival.

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