Crystal Empire

Crystal Empire is a land inhabited by Crystal Ponies and tiny ewes, and is described in the Ballad of the Crystal Ponies as having a rich culture and long history, including the "Crystal Kingdom ANTHEM".
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Name: Princess Cadance

Description: Princess Cadance is the Ruler of the Crystal Empire. With the help of Prince Shining Armor and the Crystal Ponies, she defeated the tyrant King Sombra that had cursed the Crystal Empire for a thousand years.

Name: Prince Shining Armor

Description: Prince Shining Armor is the Unicorn captain of the Canterlot Royal Guard as well as the coleader of the Crystal Empire. He's also Princess Twilight Sparkle's older brother.

Name: Crystal Ponies

Description: The Crystal Ponies are unique in Equestria. Their entire bodies look like they are made of gemstones and their crystalline manes and tails sparkle in the sunlight. They are the subjects of Princess Cadance and Prince Shining Armor.

Activities & Events


Pamper yourself at the Crystal Empire spa! Enjoy a seaweed wrap, a massage or let our beauticians take care of your hooves. Or try our unique crystal mud bath for the ultimate in relaxation and beauty. Your skin, mane and tail will sparkle like never before.

Equestria Games

The Equestria Games is the biggest sporting event to take place in Equestria. Ponies from all over the country compete for glory in various athletic events.

Crystal Faire

Every year, the Crystal Faire celebrates the spirit of love and unity in the Crystal Empire. Ponies from all over Equestria visit the Crystal Empire and play games, eat crystal berry confections and watch jousting matches.>

Unveiling the Crystal Heart

A yearly event where the Crystal Ponies join together and make the Crystal Heart light up by combining their love and happiness. It's a wonderful event to behold.>

Ponies' Reviews

Pinkie Pie

I visited the Crystal Empire’s Crystal Faire with my friend Twilight Sparkle and we had a great time! The fortune teller predicted a big party in my future and I think she was totally right!

Twilight Sparkle

I could not resist going to the Royal Library on my latest trip to the Crystal Empire. There are so many books in there, it feels like I could read a new one every day! I even found a book of flügelhorn lessons for Pinkie Pie! And it is such a beautiful place too!

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