My Little Pony Flip & Whirl Rainbow Dash Pony Figure

الأعمار: AGES 5+

العناصر: A5905

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It's trick time with your Flip & Whirl Rainbow Dash pony pal! This Rainbow Dash pony figure is just as pretty as all the other ponies, but she's also got a special trick she can't wait to show you. Sit her down and watch as she does a flip and lands on her feet! You can even decorate her with the included designs. She's the prettiest trick pony you ever saw, and she's all yours!

Includes pony figure, comb and rub-on design sheet.

Winged Flip & Whirl Rainbow Dash figure can do a special trick
Sit her down, then watch her flip
Pony figure lands on her feet
Includes rub-on design sheet to decorate her

Ages 5 and up

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