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Explorer Game Cartridge: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

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Item: MLPLF Ages: 5 TO 8 YEARS

Product Description:

Join your My Little Pony friends for high-flying adventures while putting a stop to Discord's latest tricks! On each adventure, harness the magic of mathematics to retrieve the Elements of Harmony and bring Equestria back into balance. Play four learning mini games that reinforce math skills like probability, measurement and more!

Adventure across Equestria to help Princess Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy recover the Elements of Harmony! First, use counting and part-whole relationships to help Applejack pack each Pony's saddle so she's balanced for her flight. Then take to air, using skill and smart timing to earn and collect stars--and new pony flight powers! Visit Rarity's shop to get upgrades and improve flight power!
On their journeys, the Ponies are challenged to use probability and mathematics to face off against Discord's doubles in learning mini-games. Choose the spinner that will move the pony farthest and fastest, and race until the end to win. Use problem-solving skills and knowledge of operations to identify the animated equations that solve word problems. Count apples and determine the probability that a certain color will fall from the tree. Once the Ponies have completed their six journeys, celebrate friendship and Pony Power!

Works with all LeapPad tablets, LeapsterGS and Leapster Explorer systems.

Ages 5-8 Years

Licensed by Hasbro. Manufactured and distributed by Shout Factory. Description provided by Shout Factory.

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